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Lilah Mueller, daughter of Kimber Heiling and Levi Mueller of Princeton, is an incredible little girl fighting a rare disease without a cure called Mucopolysaccharidosis Maroteaux-Lamy or MPS-VI. She was diagnosed in November of 2015, shortly after her first birthday. The only treatment available for this disease is a weekly enzyme replacement therapy that the family travels to Children's Hospital in Milwaukee to receive. She'll need this treatment every week for the rest of her life. Even with treatment, she will still need numerous surgeries to fight the effects of the disease. The family travels to Minnesota multiple times a year to see a long list of specialists that are our nation's best at treating this rare disease that affects every system of her body.
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   Proceeds from 2015  benefit went to Jonny Gabor & Zailynn Mars.

                    Jonny Gabor is 16 months old and was born with Cleft Palate and a few other medical issues. He has already under gone 2 surgeries and may need more. Jonny’s parents are Cory & Megan Gabor and live in Westfield.


Zailynn Marae Mars, 5 months old, was diagnosed with SMA Type 1 (Spinal muscular atrophy) which is a degenerative muscular disease. She is the daughter of Corey & Katie Mars and are from Neenah. The stages are different between the ways the disease is going to affect how long Zailynn will be with us. The way this disease affects children is a very aggressive and damaging process. Most babies with SMA are born after a normal pregnancy, are seemingly healthy, and pass all current newborn screenings. SMA is a terminal and degenerative disease that causes weakness and wasting of the voluntary muscles in infants and children.  Type I children typically die before they reach the age of two. All Types experience muscle degeneration, but at varying speeds and severity with Type I progressing the most rapidly.   

 75% of the proceeds from the 2015 Harvest for Hearing Benefit went to Jonny and Zailynn and the other 25% went to Ear Community.


  Grayson Hittle has been diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare eye cancer diagnosed in early childhood. Baby G just turned three months old and is about to embark on an unexpected journey back to health. This will be a challenging journey and we need your help to cover the many unexpected expenses! For the next six months, Grayson and his family will be traveling to Philadelphia on a monthly basis, for a weeks worth of treatment each time. Baby G's parents are Tyler & Alex (Whitemarsh) Hittle.
     Baby G's mother grew up in Princeton/Montello.


 75% of the proceeds from the 2014 Harvest for Hearing Benefit went to Baby G. The other 25% went to Ear Community.

Pictured to the left is Brody Henke presenting a check to Baby Grayson with the proceeds from the 2014 Harvest Benefit. Thank you to everyone for your support!

UPDATE: Grayson was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma when he was just two months old. Very shortly after diagnosis, he began a rigorous chemotherapy regimen at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Grayson and his family travel from Wisconsin every 6-8 weeks for treatment. While he finished chemotherapy in January, he continues to receive treatment and exams regularly in Philadelphia. Last Fall, Brody's Harvest for Hearing was able to provide help for Grayson and his family ease the struggle of paying for flights, hotels, and doctors bills. Since diagnosis, life has been nothing but a roller coaster for Grayson and his family. However, today - Grayson is a very happy, resilient and strong little boy. We couldn't have asked for better progress with his treatment, better doctors to take care of him, or better friends and family to support us through this challenging time. 7-21-15


Brody Henke . To read about Brody and his story click HERE.