With the help of the community, family, friends, and prayer we have raised enough money for Brody to have all the surgeries.

Thank you for the continued support, all your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. 
We are truly blessed by such a loving and supportive community!

We are excited to "Pay it Forward" by keeping the
harvest benefit going, with the proceeds going to other families in need. As well as a donation to Ear Community.
( A non-profit organization who helps families with Microtia Atresia. )


This year we feel honored that we will be able to help out the Grayson Hittle Family. The Hittle's live in Oshkosh. Grayson's mom,

Alex grew up in the Princeton, Montello area.  

Please check out Baby Grayson's Story

& come support him at the Harvest for Hearing Benefit!



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